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Our purposes

Our purposes are set out in the Chorali Fiscus constitution and are summarised as advancing the enjoyment and education of the public in the performance of choral and similar classical music.

We provide financial assistance in the form of grants and or loans to applicants of non- commercial or charitable status. We shall print, publish and issue publications dealing with matters of interest to members and the public. In addition, we invite donations from the public to supplement our own funds and we may also promote and hold lectures, discussions, conferences and meetings and to encourage generally the objects of Chorali Fiscus.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide financial support to organisations in the East Dorset area, but we feel it best to not restrict ourselves geographically from a legal point of view.

As a corollary, our focus is on choral works, but we would not automatically exclude other works from the classical music genre.

Our location

We are based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Our legal status

Chorali Fiscus is a private initiative of one individual and is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales registered charity number 1184950.
HMRC Reference 061 0000 58738

Big Disappointment
for all

Yes, we know that folk will be getting sick of all of the Covid-19 notices now flooding onto their in-trays but in this time of International hardship it is a small price to bear as everybody tries to do the right thing. We are no exception, so let us all hope that a flood of e-mails is the only thing we get sick of.

As a general rule, all concerts and performances should be considered cancelled or postponed until July. Please feel free to list your concerts in our diary page though. Some concerts have already been rescheduled for next year and where we have the dates they are in our diary.


To those choirs that Chorali Fiscus has funded or pledged to fund for 2020 you will be aware that the terms of our award are that the funds should be returned if the concert is not performed when scheduled. We recognise that some choirs will already have incurred expense for the performances now no longer being held because of the coronavirus contagion but have no wish to add to their hardship. We are pleased to confirm that where an award was made for a specific performance and the performance is rescheduled, then the funding will carry over to the revised date and no refund will be due. Where choirs are supported in general then no refund will be required.

Our first re-scheduled concert

Monteverdi Vespers 1610

Saturday 15 May 2021,
7.30pm Wimborne Minster

Our first post Covid-19 concert to be re-scheduled will hopefully result in the Minster resounding with the sound of choir and cornets in a performance of Monteverdi’s Vespers written in 1610 for St Mark’s in Venice. Famed for its thrilling rhythms, grand choruses and beautiful solo movements, this is surely one of the most magnificent collections of sacred music ever written.

Financial support from Chorali Fiscus enables them to add to the number of authentic period instruments hopefully such as a theorbo, cornets and chamber organ, in the ensemble, so that they will be able to give a performance similar to that originally heard in the 17th century.

Tickets £14 nave, £10 side aisles, £2 under 18
Available online – or from Square Records, 73 High St, Wimborne

A recent

A recent Encouragement

Chorali Fiscus will help with the extra costs of a concert in Christchurch Priory to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. The Bournemouth Bach Coir will perform Beethoven’s Mass in C and the Piano Concerto No 5. 

The celebration of Beethoven’s birth will attract a large audience to this concert. The piano concerto is a favourite and will inspire our audience to appreciate choral work and become interested in attending more concerts.

Further details about the Bournemouth Bach Choir may be found here.

A past

A past Encouragement
Chorali Fiscus was delighted to have been asked to support Bournemouth Symphony Chorus' latest project "Pieta"

Pieta is a fabulous new work by Richard Blackford

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List your
next performance

You are Invited

to list your choir or society's next performance in our Diary. If you would like your event listed please complete this form.
(Free listing does not impose any obligation or commitment on your part and you will not be bombarded with junk mail.)
Visit our Diary page now.(Read more)

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Grange Choral Society

Chorali Fiscus will help with the costs of concerts in Christchurch Priory  throughout the 2019 and 2020 season.

Grange Choral Society is very ably led by Marcio de Silva who was appointed musical director in January 2012 whilst undertaking his post graduate studies in conducting at the Royal College of Music. Marcio achieved his masters in July 2013 and the choir is benefiting enormously from his passion and precision as a conductor. From his own background as a singer Marcio is passing on to the choir his experience in vocal projection and tonal quality. 

See our Diary page for programme of GCS concerts.

Further details of Grange Choral Society at their website


Music for a
Summer's Evening

Grange Choral Society conducted by the multi talented Marcio Da Silva, 

who delighted a packed Priory by turning to the audience and singing a Baritone solo during the very popular previous Concert, A Night At The Opera, this programme is a wonderful selection of music performed by the Choir and the Priory Organ. Christopher Dowie, a well known brilliant accompanist, conductor, organist and composer will be performing on the magnificent Nicholson 4,500 pipe Organ:- Walton’s well known Orb and Sceptre written for the Coronation of Elizabeth II, and his Crown Imperial, performed more recently for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine. Elgar’s much loved and rousing Pomp and Circumstance March No.4. Amongst the choral pieces the choir will perform is the Chilcott Gloria, an uplifting and utterly jubilant work. Rutter’s ever popular setting of the Te Deum. Parry’s Songs of Farewell, a nostalgic reflection of a life filled with music. Stanford’s 3 Motets which bring a freshness and vitality and are held in the highest regard. An evening to remember well after Summer is over.