AWAKENING - The Cycle of Hope The story of the book

Awakening's current status is the Cathedral Edition. In addition to a standard preface it has an additional preface covering key spiritual aspects deemed appropriate because of the choral works church premier at Salisbury Cathedral on June 22nd 2024. The Cathedral edition contains two poems;  Cycle of Hope and Cathedral.

The book comprises a text describing the journey of a seeker of truth as he awakens within Stonehenge at some distant time past. His name is Aspirant and he is watched over by a witness called Attestor who sees and comments only on facts. These are put to a sage, one of great wisdom and her name is Savant. Savant is supported by a heavenly choir, The Celestials, and they bring joy and choral ambience to Aspirant's life.

Aspirant's journey is described an a prose text and it follows the heavenly cycle of the vernal (or spring equinox), and summer or long solstice, then the late or autumnal equinox, culminating in the winter or short solstice.

Following the prose text is a libretto which is series of poems describing the experiences, observations and feelings of the characters. The libretto, (Which is used extensively by the composer Paul Carr in his wonderful choral setting), is followed by a Prequel which explains how the characters came to be at Stonehenge and how their personalities came to be developed.  The prequel consists mostly of poems which are a strict poetic structural format.

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